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How Smart and Ambitious Women Tap into Their Innate Genius to Advance to The Next Level

Few people realise the extent of our ability to create the career and life we want and yet we see people doing just that - so, what do they know and what do they do to make that happen? They have accessed their inner genius so that they get more of what they do want and less of what they don't want, and you have this power too.

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The Genius Principles teach you how to win at life using tools to help you choose exactly what you want.

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The Genius Principles work if you...

Are Feeling Stuck

Either in your role, your company or in your mindset

Need to Trust Your Own Voice

Perhaps you're feeling uncertain about your decisions and direction each day

Have Career Ambitions

You may be looking for a way to tap into your inner resources

Are done with Procrastinating

You're tired of waiting for the ‘ideal’ time to take action

We are on a mission... help more women into the Financial Services Industry, FinTech, Law and LawTech and to support those already there by addressing exam and confidence challenges.

Success comes at a cost. Sometimes it's even tougher for women in a predominantly male environment.

And, when you get to the top, as ultra-successful, powerful people know, it’s a pretty lonely place, which is why you recognise the value of continual personal development and effective training and support.

Our Dilemma...

Because, we women, despite demonstrating indisputable competence and success, we can still feel undervalued, unappreciated, unsupported, even under-confident. The problem is the more successful we become, the less time and energy we have for ourselves and other areas of our lives. 

You have probably felt that the pressure is on to continue to perform at the highest level, but there's little or no support for the necessary emotional and psychological, mental, mindset competence. We as women are there for colleagues, our team, our families etc, but who's there for us?

Doubting Yourself?

This is in addition to our own feelings of self assurance and confidence. How many of us have doubted decisions we made, felt like we were hiding our real selves in order to fit in, or fail to see a straight road forward to build a career we really want. 

Every day is filled with choices in relation to our rôles as leaders. What we really need to be on top of are our personal choices. In other words, who we are allowing ourselves to be. We do this by knowing for certain, our worth, our values and our true, innate wisdom.

We need to stop...

Second guessing ourselves and our abilities

Looking for others’ approval or permission

Holding ourselves back by not leading from the front

Waiting for the perfect time

So What is The Solution?

Now, in this thoroughly disrupted time, we should be looking to equip ourselves with tools and techniques that not only help us to be better leaders, but actually tap into a depth of ability that creates the strongest and most confident mindset and approach to everything that we do.

Mindset is everything. Not only because it affects your attitude and approach to life, but, when done correctly, it also allows you to access another level of intelligence that can help you quickly address challenges to create a solution that works for you first time, every time.

Where to Start...

It’s time to release anxiety and stress about what is working and not working. Let go of the frustration and resignation about what you can or can’t achieve and stop pushing harder and harder at problems hoping that they will be solved.

The easier, even effortless way is to use The Genius Principles - a solution that fits into an already busy life that helps you to change your paradigm. This is not about swapping one time-heavy strategy for another. 

Group Leader or HR?

We encourage you to use our solution for your groups, teams, department heads and key female directors. This way you get your major influencers benefitting from this insightful process and working from a place of increased performance and satisfaction.

As burnout is a very real issue today, we know that it’s about playing smarter not harder...

So we help them create internal shifts that change how they feel and think. This is where real breakthroughs are made, meaningful directions are taken and their impact can become fully visible.

“The truth is we can create so much more than we ever thought possible, so why not reach for your biggest goals and aspirations? The Genius Principles, a six stage framework, designed to access a deeper level of your potential so that you can experience real expansion, resilience and success.” Lysette Offley, Founder

Benefitting from over 40 years of scientific research, in-depth studies of successful people, and developed over the last 20 years through premium mindset training and experience, The Genius Principles consolidates extensive knowledge and practical methods in an easy-to-use system.

Permanent and Positive Changes

The Genius Principles create permanent and positive changes, not only in your mindset, but also in the actions you take and how you feel on a daily basis. The step-by-step process helps you to break through many long-held self-imposed conscious and unconscious barriers that have held you back in certain areas of your life.

The ease in which these improvements happen will surprise and delight you.

What Working With Us Means

We are in your team from the start, supporting you throughout your journey. We do what it takes and we don't stop until you’ve reached your goals.

We offer a variety of ways to work with us, to suit your needs, time frame and budget. Whichever option you choose, we remain resolute in our approach to your success.

Taking you Through The SIX Genius Principles

Each module helps you to develop the following essential tools:

  • Awareness – Sharpening your performance and clarity towards reaching higher levels
  • Perception – Heightening your own abilities as well as recognising the abilities of others
  • Effectiveness – As a leader, focusing on and developing your most effective patterns and habits
  • Confidence – Increasing your levels of clarity, self-assurance and influence
  • Results – Achieve the goals you intend to with more impact and consistency
  • Staying Power – Deliberately and expertly taking control of your future with intent and insight

These powerful and game-changing skills are resources you continue to develop for life. Learning how to hone them will result in an inner strength and guidance system for making the right decisions, taking the right path and continually building upon each success.


When the truly successful people in history reveal their secrets, The Genius Principles are the exact skills they are describing.

We have collated them all in one easy-to-follow programme that will take mere days to complete instead of a lifetime of trial and error.

If you need to feel more confident, get to a new and higher level of success and have the edge in your rôle as leader, then this programme is a sound and results-driven option for you.

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Meet the founder

Lysette’s work has been classified as a ‘game-changer’ and ‘the missing link’ by leading educationalists and as the must-have training for people who need leading-edge strategies for reaching their next level, improve their mindset and leverage their time. Her abilities really help them to massively expand their career and earning prospects.

Endorsed by companies such as; NMBA, Zurich, AXA Wealth, Partnership, Prudential, St James' Place, Brand Financial Training, Standard Life and The Patterson Group, Lysette has also made several appearances on BBC radio, Channel 4, Netflix and other TV channels and media. 

She is an accomplished speaker, presenter and author with a substantial history in teaching, Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, New Code NLP, CBT, Positive Psychology and Evolutionary Psychology. Lysette’s clients benefit from her considerable world-class training and extensive experience so that they can reach their full potential, living happier, healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives.

Lysette’s mission is to help women experience extraordinary breakthroughs by using her Genius Principles to create outstanding and permanent changes in their mindset, their decisions and their actions.

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What they say


insurance Broker

I took over the full ownership and running of my family’s 30 year old business. I particularly wanted to make it my own and stamp my personality on it. Lysette is one of the best investments I’ve made for myself and my business.


Investor & Entrepreneur

I particularly enjoyed learning how my brain works and techniques to master difficult situations. I used to suffer with 'Imposter Syndrome' and self-doubt, but since doing the programme I've become calm, focused, allowing myself to be confident and resourceful.

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